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Omar Blue - Forces To Reckon With

Postby O. Warfield » Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:53 am

We've been gone for a while but are back to tell you more about Omar Blue and his pack's trip into the mountains to see his kin. I mentioned earlier (Omar Blue - Let The Tale Be Told) the confrontation between rottweiler Brady and mountain lion Booby.

Before starting, Omar Blue reminded me there are things about K9 Town that I'd never understand so I shouldn't try to. I told him I had stopped trying to understand what goes on at K9 Town some time ago. He began.....

Now over under The Big Oak Tree
Two forces had just met
Rasta Mama and Great Dane Granny
As friendly as they could get.


The komondor Mama was speaking
“I’ve heard so much about you
It’s said you cast away evil
Which is something I can’t do.

My gift says trouble’s over us
Just what I’ve yet to see
I think we should join together
And not work separately.”

Great Dane Granny
Looked at her
“How awesome we will be
You with your gift of second site
To help ward off the enemy.

Let’s call ourselves the Seers
The pack will like it fine
They'll know we're helping Omar
Using your gift and using mine.

We’ll travel together
The whole trip long
You tell me what you see
Then I’ll cast away the bad spirits
How safe our pack will be.

Now let’s go tell Omar Blue
He’ll be so glad to hear
That we’ll be watching
Over the pack
Over those he holds so dear.”

Just then Omar Blue came up
Somehow he’d heard it all
Smiled to himself
Then said out loud
“Stop worrying
Have a ball.

I know the trouble you’re gonna see
But believe me all is fine
And when you both see what it is
Remember the trouble is mine.

I want you both to enjoy this trip
So I tell you what I’ll do
I’ll keep in mind your special gifts
And stay in touch with you”.

The newly named “Seers” both spoke to him
“Omar Blue we know you well
When something happens with your Pack
You act and then you tell.

So we’ll just keep an eye on you
Have a ball just like you say
But when the spirits speak to us
We’ll be coming fast your way.”



On the other side of the Big Oak Tree
Stood rhodesian ridgebacks Koffe and Tee
Talking to bulldogs Betty and Jim
About how they must depart.

They had to go after the mountain lions
To keep the threat away from the pack
The four would take the lead right now
Before the journey’s start.

It was then that Omar Blue walked up
He knew they had to go
Hunting lions was in their blood
Never thought of saying no.

He said, “You four
You go ahead
But do what I tell you to
Don’t approach the mountain lions
Just keep them in your view.

They’re not enough to be a threat
Though they’ll plan to pick up more
Let them see us leaving
They’ll follow us for sure.

The four looked at each other
Then back at Omar Blue
They saw a plan was in the works
What was their leader up to?

They’d do just what he told them
They’d look but wouldn’t touch
Cause Omar’s plans were special
The canines knew that much.

So Koffee and Tee
Betty and Jim
Ran off to take the lead
The ridgebacks and the bulldogs
A striking sight indeed.

Stayed tuned for another excerpt from "Led By An Eagle" - Omar Blue Saga Book 2. We'll be back as soon as I can get Omar to settle down and tell me more about their exciting adventure.
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